Estelle Rochford

Red Coral Chunks and Spikes

Large pieces of rich red coral and black spikes. This may be made with more delicate pieces of coral.

Plaited Seed Bead, Crystals and Pearls

Another of my most popular designs. Absolutely any colourway may be made with this design. Likewise any price range can be met. This one shown is with Swarovski crystals, Swarovski pearls, Freshwater pearls and African feature beads. Contact me. 

Butter Jade, Onyx & Jasper with Brass Accents

This necklace matches many outfits. It may be made with any stone / birthstone with brass, silver or gold accent spacers. It is unique because of it's unbalanced freeform.

Red Sensation

Red, maroon and black seedbeads. My version of an idea that inspired me. Used many crystals in this most unusual stunning design.

Matt Black, Gold Lariat

An extremely popular necklace because of it's versatility. Can be worn over the shoulder, hanging loosely or wrapped over in front. Any colour tubular bead or any colour contrast is possible.


Any colour bead and any colour contrast is possible ie Gold, Silver, Brass or Copper.

Czech Crystals and Gothic Bikie Spikes

Opposites attract here, forming an unususal piece that works very well.

Shooting stars Lariat

My most popular necklace using metal tube beads and clear Swarovski crystal stars. Tubing can be black with gold spacers and black crystals stars.

Pink, Silver & Haematite Bead Necklace

Any choice of bead or any choice of accent bead may be used in these necklaces with or without a tassle.

Silver, Chains and African Beaded Earrings

Silver chains, pink Swarovski crystals, black and pink Venetian beads.

Carnelian and Silver Tassle

Carnelian beads, Antique silver and bone beads. Colour options are limitless here.

Spider Web

My fascination for spiders inspired this web design. The necklace may be made in any colour with any contrast crystal or bead with or without the spider.


Collection of Amber, Bone, Silver, Brass, Wood and Bead oddments.  Many options - contact me. 

Glass on Cord

My favorite necklace! Venetian beads of similar colour or a total mishmash. Here's a chance to personalise your own necklace.

Black Bead and Crystal Collar

My inspiration came from the hairdressing awards. This stunning collar is made with Swarovski crystals and pearl Edge. The satin bow looks sensational with a strapless evening gown. Any colour bead and/or crystals are possible.